Who am I? What do I want?

What, you didn't read my welcome post? Well, howdy. I'm T.J.

First and foremost, I'm a follower of Christ. Certainly not the best one, but by the Grace of God, I keep on. Secondly, I'm a husband. Same story, kind of.

After that, I'm all over the place. Texas born, Texas proud. Logistics professional. Civilian gun enthusiast. Star Wars fan. Disney fan (by marriage).

Y'all down with EDC? You might like me.

Truth is, I dabble. I might geek out on board games one month, next thing you know I'm looking for a multi-tool that will pass a TSA checkpoint (legally, calm down). I come back to stuff, though, and I enjoy writing about whatever I'm into. 

Might finish that sci-fi novel one day, but for now blogging's fun.

So, welcome to 2BitGeek. I hope it's helpful. Failing that, I hope you enjoy.